Pressure Vessel Design and Registration

MA Deacon Engineers have expertise in Pressure Vessel Design and Registration. Additionally, we have experience in Pressure Registration, Design Verification and Design Registration. We will help you with Plant Registration, In-Service Inspection and Fitness for Service Assessments. We work with pressure equipment designed to both Australian and international Standards.

Did you know that pressure vessel design registration is mandatory in all Australian States and Territories?  The authorities with responsibility for plant safety vary between Australian states.  So do the regulations that require independent review of design and ongoing safety of pressure vessels. We help our clients meet the requirements of the regulations with respect to design, design verification, and plant registration. We also carry out in-service inspections and fitness for service assessments.

At MA Deacon Engineers our services include:

  • Design & design verification to Australian and International Standards
  • Design and plant registration with regulatory authorities
  • AICIP qualified inspectors to undertake in service inspections
  • Assessment of localised wall thinning and planar defects
  • Assessment of fatigue life and life extension possibilities for existing equipment
  • Design services for modification and retrofitting of existing vessels for new duties or services
  • We work to the following Standards and codes: AS/NZS 1200, AS 1210, AS 1228, AS 3920, AS 4041, AS 4458, AS 4037, AS/NZS 3992, AS/NZS 3788, AS 3873, ASME BPVC VIII, API 579 / ASME FFS-1, PD 5500, EN 13445, GB 150 & TEMA


Pressure vessel verification and registration, what is the difference?  How do you determine if you require a design verification, a design registration or plant registration? The following frequently asked questions provide general advice in relation to the requirements for design and plant registration for pressure vessels within Australia.

What is registration? 

In the context of pressure vessels, it is an official record of a design for a pressure equipment or a record of an actual item of pressure equipment.  The record is held by a Commonwealth, State or Territory authority within Australia with responsibility for plant safety.

What is the difference between Design Registration and Plant Registration?

Design Registration is completed for a design defined by engineering drawings. Plant Registration is a record of the pressure vessel made according to the registered design.

Do all States in Australia have the same regulations requiring registration of pressure equipment?

Most states have similar registration requirements, although there are important differences in Western Australia and Victoria.

If there are different regulations for different states what decides where registration must take place?

Applications for registration shall be made with the state authority that has jurisdiction over the applicants registered office.

When does a pressure vessel need to be registered?

This is determined by Australian Standard AS 4343 Pressure equipment – Hazard levels which categorizes pressure equipment as hazard level A, B, C, D or E which corresponds to high, medium, low, extra low and negligible hazard. Designs registration is required for hazard level A, B, C and D.  In most states plant registration is required for hazard level A, B and C.

What is the difference between registering a design and registering an item of plant?

Design registration considers only the design or drawings of the pressure vessel.  This requires a designer and verifier to establish that the design is to an acceptable standard.

Plant registration applies only to pressure vessels manufactured in accordance with the design.  This requires an inspector (preferably a certified AICIP inspector) to establish that the vessel is safe is made to the registered design, installed so it can be operated safely and that suitable information is available in the workplace so it can be operated and maintained correctly.

What is the difference between a Designer and a Verifier?

The verifier and designer will both be experienced pressure vessel designers.  The designer will prepare the design so that it is safe considering not just design standards but also the arrangement of the design so it can be used and maintained safely.  The verifier will review the design and confirm it meets the agreed design standards.  The verifier will have no input into design decisions to ensure a truly independent review.

Do all pressure vessels need used in Australia to be designed in accordance with Australian Standards?

The Australian Standard AS 1210 Pressure Vessels provides a sound basis for pressure vessel supply and provides advantages over other standards over the life of the vessel.  It is not mandatory that pressure vessels are designed to this standard however where AS 1210 is not used a published international Standard or national Standard should be used.  For any pressure vessel the design and associated information must be provided in English.

Does a Pressure Vessel that has been designed to ASME BPVC Section VIII require a U-Stamp for use in Australia?

If a vessel is constructed to ASME BPVC Section VIII it will have a U-stamp.  Non U-Stamped vessels do not meet the requirement of this code.  If a vessel has been design registered based on ASME BPVC Section VIII it should be constructed to the design code and will have a U-Stamp.

Does the designer or the Verifier need to be Australian or based in Australia?

A designer statement must be made to the authority registering the design that the duties of the designer have been completed and this person needs to be within the jurisdiction of the authority registering the design.

In some states the verifier must reside within Australia.  Verifiers are expected to have sufficient knowledge of the regulations applicable in the state of design registration.

Who can apply to register designs?

This varies between state regulations but generally the pressure vessel designer, owner, manufacturer, importer or supplier can apply for design registration.  The verifier cannot be the applicant.

If a design is registered in one authority does it need to be registered in other states?

No. A pressure vessel design registration in any State will be recognised by all other States.


The information provided above has been given based on the authors knowledge.  Specific queries for vessel registration should be directed to the relevant state authority.  We will assist in managing registrations to the extent permitted by the regulations. If we can help or be of assistance in any way please contact us