Our Value Statement

At MA Deacon Engineers we embrace the following core values defining who we are and what shapes the culture of our business, dealing with our clients, and developing our people.

We believe that by maintaining these values we create long term benefits for our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the communities we serve.



We work together for the success of MA Deacon Engineers and our clients and contribute to the decision-making process including important business strategy decisions. Collaborate to learn and grow and devise smarter solutions.

​​​​​​​United Front


We deal honestly with our colleagues and avoid talking behind their backs, supporting one another even when there may be differing opinions. Strive to reach a consensus on all matters impacting the team.

Enjoy what we do


We have a great time and seek fulfillment in our work, appreciate one another, and celebrate our successes while maintaining a home-work-life balance.

Do what we say


Recognising standardisation helps deliver benefits for everyone but that systems can always be improved. This is why we work with an Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001

Step up and own it


We Take the initiative and draw on our practical experience and training. We respond to our client’s needs in a prompt and efficient manner and deliver to their expectations.

Finish what we start


Plan our work and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and the outcomes we produce.

We are respectful of one another, including our language and behaviors


We deal fairly with others in a way you would want them to deal with us. We deal fairly with our competitors and respect them for what they do, meanwhile striving assertively to win business.

Understanding of others views and opinions


Operate out of mutual respect for one another being mindful of our personal moral values and standards.

Leave no one behind


We provide opportunities to develop individual and team strengths meanwhile balancing their weaknesses with someone else’s strengths. We seek to assist our clients and suppliers and avoid taking opportunity of their vulnerability.

We Embrace Change


We enjoy learning and finding new and more efficient ways of doing things.

We are Flexible


We consider alternative methods of solving problems including drawing on the expertise of strategic partners.

Solutions not Problems


We seek to come up with solutions rather than allowing others to do it for us.

Keep our word, even if it causes us pain


We stay committed to what we promise. We act with integrity and honesty seeking the benefit of others before our own.

No amount of money…


Our values are priceless. We act with impartiality elevating informed opinion above personal gain.

It’s ok to say “No”


We don’t create false expectations and place unreasonable demands on ourselves. We collaborate and consult with our clients to define the best solution for their needs.