Functional Safety Services

What is Functional Safety Services?

Safety is the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.

Functional safety services are an aspect of safety that depends on inputs into a system or equipment in order to operate safely and correctly.

Functional safety is the detection of potentially dangerous conditions. FSS results in the activation of a protective or corrective device that prevents a hazardous event from arising.  In other words, it can also alleviate and reduce the consequences of a hazardous event.

Many projects include elements of mechanical, electrical/control systems, and functional safety. MA Deacon Engineers can now offer Functional Safety Services (FSS) which includes assessment, design, and validation. In addition to our mechanical engineers, we have electrical and control systems engineers. This includes our in-house TÜV Rheinland certified/licensed machinery functional safety engineer. Therefore we can now offer Functional Safety and fitness for service assessments.

Whether you have an existing operating plant or a machine requiring an audit. Upgrading of a control system, or adding additional equipment to a process line, MA Deacon Engineers can help you.

Are looking to import machinery into Australia? We can assist you with:

Plan/Machinery assessment

Linear and non-linear static analysis

Risk assessments, hazard identification and risk reduction using techniques as defined in AS/NZS 4024.1201 / ISO 12100

Determine current and / or required Safety Performance (PL) level in accordance with AS/NZS 4024.1503 & ISO 13849-1

Compliance to AS 60204.1 / IEC 60204.1 (safety of machinery and electrical equipment)

Compliance of specific ‘C’ type standards (such as AS 1418) as applicable


MA Deacon Engineers can provide verification and validation of a third-party designed solution to meet a required safety performance level (as per ISO 13849-2).


Circuit design and device selection in order to meet an AS/NZS 4024.1503 /ISO 13849-1 safety performance level, AS 60204.1 / IEC 60204.1, and any specific ‘C’ type Australian or International Standards

CE / European machinery directive compliance

Mechanical design of guarding and other risk reduction solutions

All industries covered: Food and beverage, materials handling, metal forming, paper, plastics, general manufacturing, mining & mineral processing

Our Functional Safety Services Capability Statement can be printed by clicking the button below.