Fracture Mechanics Assessments

Fracture mechanics is used in engineering to establish acceptance levels for flaws revealed using non-destructive examination techniques.

Why is this important? If your machinery or structure needs to be operating continually, you must determine its fitness for purpose.

A mechanical structure is considered adequate for its purpose if the conditions to cause its failure are not reached.

MA Deacon Engineers have the expertise to carry out flaw assessments on a fitness for purpose basis by offering post-crack initiation study services to API 579 and BS 7910.

We have the expertise to carry out the following post-crack-initiation studies:

  • Stress intensity factor calculation
  • Fatigue crack growth rate calculation
  • Critical crack size determination
  • Crack path prediction
  • Residual strength calculation
  • Contact load redistribution during crack growth
  • Incorporation of effects of thermal stresses in crack growth simulation