Data Acquisition

Strain Gauging

When proceeding with any engineering design analysis, it is vital to understand the stresses borne by the components of the equipment. Surface strain – the change in length of surface material fibres under load – can be readily measured and converted to material stress. This data can then be used to generate meaningful solutions for equipment repairs, upgrades, and redesigns.  It is also vital for optimisations where performance does not compromise safety.

Our services include:

  • Wireless strain gauges
  • Remote logging
  • Development of client-specific load sensing systems


3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning has changed the way we take site measurements. Using our own high-precision 3D Laser scanner, we can measure up to 80m radius with 1.6mm resolution at 10m. We have carried 3D laser scanning throughout the Perth metro area and have carried out scanning on numerous mine sites throughout Western Australia.

We use scans to provide:

    • Brownfield’s site data acquisition of mining equipment and industrial plant
    • Integrity assessments of equipment, tanks, and structures
    • 3D Models and drawings from scans
    • Fabrication inspection for dimensional compliance
    • Wear monitoring of liners and chutes

3D Laser Scanning onsite


We have datalogging equipment that can log any analogue signal up to 20kHz including strain, pressure, temperature, vibration.