Transfer Barge Design

Project: Transfer Barge Design
Location: Bengkulu Indonesia
Timeframe: May – October 2008
Challenge: Client required the design of a portable ramp system that allowed 50t trucks to be driven onto a barge for loading ore, but would accommodate large fluctuations in tide and barge draft.
Services: FE Analysis, 3D modelling and detail design, structural analysis, bridge design analysis

Check out our Barge Stability Analysis clip

Check out our Transfer Barge 3D model

Solution: The transfer barge was designed with two ramps, the shore sideramp accommodating the tidal changes and the loading barge side ramp to accommodate changes in barge draft.  The shore ramp was supported on a seawall and the barge ramp was supported on the gunwale of the barge. The lifting system for the ramps provided a float position that maintained complete vertical freedom for the transfer barge.

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